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Contek Constructions' simple business plan is to create partnerships between staff, clients and suppliers. Built on the core values of working hard with trust and integrity now with over 23 years in the civil construction industry in Melbourne, Contek is still evolving and taking on challenges.Employees are valued at Contek with an average employee duration of 10 years. Challenges equal to skill level are constantly evaluated, with continuous training offered and rewarded.

Client's expectations and sometimes hidden goals are always taken as highest priority, demonstrated by our customer feedback surveys. Once again partnership style contracting has lead to a continuous supply of work. Contek has not changed from the initial plan of being a leading small to medium contractor and a desire to be a "Contractor of Choice".

Suppliers are key to any business, it is pleasing to say with now 23 years of operation, Contek is in a position to be looking for best value from suppliers, rather than best price only.

Opportunities and growth areas have been a focus of Contek for sometime now, with several industry awards and many exciting projects completed.

Continuous improvement is an important aspect and with the implementation of our integrated management system Contek's management value this as one of our best assets.