Dandenong Park Pathway

Contek was engaged by the City of Greater Dandenong to construct a shared path and lighting system through a high-profile park.

Due to the presence of a number of high value trees, great measures (including non-destructive digging) were taken to ensure the safety.

Given that the path itself was exposed aggregate coloured concrete, it was imperative that it be given a consistent finish throughout its 400m length. Contek also took lengths following concrete pours to ensure that the path wasn’t vandalised after hours.

400m long, 3.5m wide exposed aggregate shared path and public lighting system. Located in the centre of Dandenong and the first stage of a major redevelopment, Contek was required to exercise extreme care when excavating around a number of high value amenity trees, maintain a consistent and uniformed concrete finish, and protect against potential vandalism after concrete pours.

Main Scope:

• Preparatory earthworks
• Installation of over 2000m of conduit for public lighting system
• Installation and commissioning of public lighting
• Placement of 400m 150mm thick exposed aggregate shared path (inc. trip stops and construction joints)
• Provision and installation of bins, water fountains and park benches

Client: City of Greater Dandenong
Contract value: ~$500 000
Completion: 2017