Sassafrass Creek Road Culvert

Contek Constructions were engaged by the Yarra Ranges Council to replace a dilapidated and dislodged 24 metre long culvert, consisting of 1200mm⌀ and associated head walls, to be replaced with 1650mm⌀ culvert and new headwalls.

To enable excavation and construction to occur, Contek had to divert the Sassafrass Creek around the work zone. This was done by pumping the water approximately 60 metres around the works, throughout the entirety of the project. Deep excavations were undertaken to remove the existing culvert and prepare for the new lengths. The nature of the work area meant that Contek had to devise new methods to allow for heavy plant, without compromising safety or quality of work. Additionally, the presence of high volume services in the work zone required constant vigilance and protection.

During the project, pedestrian and bicycle access in the area was required to be maintained, and closures to roads were able to be kept to an absolute minimum.

The forested areas of the Yarra Ranges are of unique natural importance and are vigilantly guarded by numerous local environmental groups. Contek interacted with these groups and used best practices to ensure that harm was minimized throughout the construction process, that no offsite soil contamination occurred and that the area was reinstated in a manner that reflected natural conditions. Rapport was established with the stakeholders, who were pleased with the care and respect that Contek showed the landscape.

Main Scope:

• Demolition and removal of existing culvert
• Installation of new 1650mm⌀ culvert and head walls
• Reinstatement of road surface
• Full reinstatement to natural conditions of landscape

Client: Yarra Ranges Council
Contract value: $140 000
Completion: 2017