Frankston Concrete Plinth & Lighting

A Home for a Gnome

Contek was engaged by Frankston City Council to construct a new concrete plinth for Frankston's iconic "Reflective Lullaby" sculpture, known to his fans as Frankie the Chrome Gnome.

It was determined that the Frankie's new home was to be at the bustling intersection of Hastings Road and Moorooduc Highway. Whilst this location is ideal for the display of an eight meter gnome, it presented interesting challenges given the volume of traffic and proximity to the road. Contek sought VicRoads approval and MOA, before obtaining and implementing a traffic management plan.

A design and construct project, Contek commissioned expert geotechnical and structural engineering advice, which documented the 5mx5mx1m deep reinforced concrete plinth. Solar lighting and conduit was recessed into the slab prior to concrete placement, powered by a designer solar tower.

Recessed lettering celebrating the partnership between Council and Art gallery was cast into the front of the slab, prior to all exposed surfaces being ground and polished. Frankie was then hoisted into place, to the fanfare of his adoring public.

Main Scope:

• 40MPa Concrete Plinth
• Solar powered lighting system
• Minor landscaping and planting

Client: Frankston City Council
Contract value: ~$90,000
Completion: February 2020