King Street Outlet

Contek Constructions were engaged to carry out flood mitigation works by Manningham Council.

This project included a major upgrade of drainage in the area, leading to a "Stormtrap" retention tank.

The primary drainage line to be installed (1050mm⌀) travelled along an easement beneath the rear fence line of ten private residences. This required a high level of liaison with concerned residents, alongside careful measures to ensure that private property was reinstated and left in the same condition it was found.

In order to minimize the flood risk, the project called for the installation of a Humes "Stormtrap" retention tank, to be placed beneath the road in the bulb of a residential court. The excavation and installation of the tank required the court to be closed, with three properties losing access to the driveways for extended period of time. Once again, through careful consultation and with a respectful approach, Contek and affected residents maintained amiable relations throughout the project.

Main Scope:

• Trenching, up to two metres in width and four metres in depth
• Installation of 1050mm⌀ RCP, within a very narrow workzone
• Excavation and installation of Stormtrap retention tank, with reinforced concrete slab base
• Construction of custom pits, poured in situ
• Full reinstatement of private property, including fencing, landscaping and driveways

Client: Manningham City Council
Contract value: $900 000
Completion: March 2017