Albert Park Lake Walls

A unique project, Contek was engaged to reconstruct dilapidated lake walls and footpath surrounding the picturesque Albert Park lake. This project saw Contek first carry out the safe demolition of the existing walls, prior to the installation of new. The new walls were first secured with sheet piles, before UC soldiers were driven into the lake bed and reinforced precast panels placed within. Screw piles were then installed, with tie back rods to the steel wall UCs. A concrete footpath was then placed, functioning not only as a fantastic amenity for patrons of the park, but as a capping beam to screw pile heads and tiebacks. With works at the lake remaining a contentious issue, stakeholder management was at the forefront. Additionally, the lake and its trails are much used by the public, another factor that Contek had to consider within the methodology of this project. Contek was able to deliver this project to a satisfied client, and is proud to have been awarded and completed the subsequent two stages.


Main Scope:

• Sheet piling, screw piling and driven UC piling.
• Installation of concrete panels with tie-back connections.
• Capping beam over lakewalls, also functioning as footpath

Client: Parks Victoria
Contract value: >$400 000
Completion: 2015-2018