Benedikt Reserve Stage 4 Works

Contek was engaged by the City of Knox for the construction of a new public tennis court and basketball shooting area.

The project began with the demolition of existing dilapidated asphalt tennis courts and associated fencing. Drainage works were to follow, before the excavation and construction of a 6m long and 3.5m high reinforced concrete rebound wall. Contek demonstrated prowess in the construction of the wall, forming and pouring the wall entirely in house. Fence posts and tennis net posts were installed ahead of the slab being placed.

Fencing work was then carried out to completion, as the concrete cured appropriately for acrylic surfacing. During this period, Contek carried out top soiling of the site and placement of landscaping rocks. Our highly qualified and recognised planting subcontractor then carried out planting works and hydroseed applied to grassed areas.
The acrylic surfacing was then applied to both the courts and rebound wall, completing a project that provides a fantastic public amenity with a great aesthetic finish.

Main Scope:

• Demolition
• Bulk earthworks
• Large freestanding concrete rebound wall
• Concrete slab for courts
• Landscaping and public furniture

Client: Knox City Council
Contract value: $370,000
Completion: April 2019