Projects - Water Quality & Harvesting

A renovation and improvement of water quality at Wicks Reserve
A construction of a new water harvesting system at Waverley Park
Water harvest and treatment from the main drain to Albert Lake
Installation of a stormwater harvesting system for a retirement village.
Installation of multiple water harvesting systems across Little Stringy Bark Creek.
Construction of a new wetland and water harvesting project for a school.
Construction of two GPT's under a myriad of services within the works.
Construction of a underground detention tank for a retirement community.
Civil construction works for Diamond Creek Meeting Hall
Installation of a new tank at Kings Park for water harvesting.
A new WSUD project incorporating cleaning and pumping storm water into the Maribyrnong River
Contek was engaged by Bayside City Council to carry out the first implementations of their Integrated Water Management Scheme. The project consisted of two stages, both aimed at diverting stormwater to provide irrigation to existing trees.
Restoration of existing culverts along the Merri Creek Trail
Construction of a new stormwater harvesting system for two ovals.