Environmental - Info

We are very pleased to be involved in many environmental best outcome projects. This would be our preferred type of project, benefiting the community and the environment at the same time.

Contek Constructions believes that the environment is to be considered whilst conducting all business activities. Therefore management accept the responsibility to control all projects to minimise the impact on the environment, and to adhere to all legislation, codes of practice and environmental control procedures.

Contek Constructions will conduct an Environmental Risk Analysis for each project and put in place measures and procedures to protect the environment. All persons working on Contek projects will be required to adhere to this policy and procedures detailed, and all persons will be encouraged to have input into managing environmental issues.

We work with our clients to improve where possible the environmental integrity of the area we are working in. Additionally we will ensure our suppliers and subcontractors operate with the same objectives in mind, Some of the environmental issues that we identify and monitor are as follows: