Brickmakers Park

Contek Constructions were engaged by Monash Council to reconstruct the wetland within Brickmakers Park, Oakleigh.

The existing wetland had been constructed on a former landfill site and was no longer retaining water. Contek was tasked with excavating the wetlands to remove the existing liner that was sitting atop the landfill capping layer. Due to the risk of releasing dangerous landfill gases, particularly methane, Contek’s skilled operators took every step to ensure that the capping layer was not penetrated. This excavation process was accompanied by gas monitoring to ensure that no methane or others were escaping.

Contek then installed a new outlet pit with penstock, before constructing an additional clay capping layer beneath a PVC liner. The wetlands were then top soiled, before they were planted out with indigenous wetland flora.

Main Scope:

• Excavate basin and remove liner
• Place clay liner, then lay and seal new PVC liner
• Construct new outlet pit with penstock
• Cover new liner with clean earth
• Plant indigenous flora
• Reinstate park area


Client: Monash Council
Contract value: $110 000
Completion: 2017