Colchester Reserve Wetlands Construction

Concerned about the stormwater runoff from the adjacent sports field and subdivision, Knox City Council engaged Contek to construct a wetland to improve the water quality entering the Dandenong Creek.

This project saw Contek excavate and remove from site over 3000m³ of material, prior to a significant drainage upgrade, shaping of the wetlands, top soiling and jute matting. Extensive native planting followed, resulting in a final product that was not only environmentally productive, but visually stunning.

In undertaking this project, Contek took great care in ensuring the health and wellbeing of the native flora and fauna, particularly frogs native to the region.

Main Scope:

• 3000m³ of spoil carted from site
• Removal and reuse of onsite top soil
• Comprehensive upgrade of over 180m of 525mm⌀ drainage and pits
• Jute matting to wetland area
• Natural stone beaching and placement of habitat logs, as directed by planting contractor
• Fencing

Client: Knox City Council
Contract value: ~$280 000
Completion: 2017